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Simply said:
We love locations and brand creation. By now we are pretty good at strengthening the two with one another: Classic or playful, bold or formal. We work out strategies and brand styles to the very detail, making your hotspot strong from potential-to-product. A brand your audience only dreamt of before: from guest journey to complete experience.

We want to deliver striking venue experiences. And do it SO good, that their audience can't ignore them, visitors seem 'star-struck' and want to continue to enjoy every aspect of the experience.

Image by Ian Schneider
Image by Danny Howe

Locations give energy and shape the basics  of inclusive brand cultures; We make brands uniquely complete, so they will be able to inspire en motivate their team and guests.


Make people feel WELCOME and they will enter; Make them feel they belong and they will engage; Make them love you and you can contribute to a greater purpose, together.'

DESIGN delightful Meaning-to-Detail and you'll spark every moment. Deliver consistently and you'll build deeply memorable experiences.

Drive their
SPIRIT to fast-track your brand success and make a world of a difference for the people who are part of it.

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Hub Town City is a creative design agency with an obsessive passion for total brand experience for online and offline locations; With a keen eye for business and a packed network of smart visualisers, writers and developers we make just that possible.

Projects are led by found Sikko Baltus, brand strategist and design director with 12 years of experience in cities like New York, London, Sydney and Paris, before bringing his Hub to The Netherlands in 2020.

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Sikko is an outspoken 'brandtrepreneur' with clear vision and a pragmatic approach. He helps brands step-by-step with visitors.

He built brand strategies for the work place in both Australia and Europe, delivered experiential design and creative communication for Pop-ups and hospitality across the globe. He shaped product-segmentations, brand activations and designed international events: A wealth of experience that keeps his brand creations on point.

Sikko and his Hub have helped more than 120 hospitality, lifestyle and event venues with strategy, design and brand culture.

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